The Darkness Between

Chapter 12 : Into the Skins

Wherein; the party battles the King of the fetid swamp surrounding Gloomwrought...

After half a day of slogging through the muck and mire of the Skins, the party heard thunder in the distance.

Unfortunately for them, this thunder began to shake the ground and they soon found themselves facing a monstrous reptile the locals called a ThunderKing Behemoth!

DM NOTE: The Fiendish Tyrannosaur mini from Giants of Legend + the new Monster Builder in DDI = the ThunderKing Behemoth! Yaay Monster Builder! 

The battle was short but furious as the heroes threw everything they had at the giant lizard. Soon, it lay twitching it's last in the black waters of the swamp and the companions limped on their way.

Nearing sunset, they soon emerged into a miles wide bog. Up ahead Up ahead, silhouetted by the sinking dull-orange sun, was a crumbling manor or moathouse. 

Centuries of foliage, vegetation, and twisted rope-like vines covered the nearly-destroyed ruins. Nothing moved on it's deteriorating battlements. It' appeared to be devoid of life… 

To Be Continued… 



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