The Darkness Between

Chapter 8 : The Road of Shadows

Wherein; our intrepid heroes pass through the Twilight's Anvil mountain range to reach the city of Gloomwrought...

A chance meeting with a small band of merchants from the town of Crestfallen gained information about the passage ahead. Duergar slavers and their orc minions had commandeered the abandoned dwarven gatehouse that guarded the entrance to the Road of Shadows.

An attempt by the party to bluff their way into the gatehouse using a merchants ox-drawn cart ended badly for both wagon and beast.

A pitched battle through the stone corridors ensued, ending with the party bloodied but victorious. The first of many conflicts arose between Kordun and the paladin, Etheran, when the knight slew a captive duergar Hellcaller. "No mercy for Devil Spawn" was the holy warrior's only reason.

Travel on the old dwarven highway was treacherous. The party faced a pack of twisted beasts the wizard named destrachen in eladrin, along with a subterranean horror with huge hooked talons.

Along the way they saved a travelling priest of Avandra from sacrifice by troglodyte worshippers of Torog, attempted to enter a mysterious tower marked with the symbol of the Chained God.

This challenge to their skills did not turn out so well and the party reluctantly retreated. Another conflict with Etheran the paladin arose, as his sense of honor  and justice blinded him to the danger and reality of the situation.

After a few days of travel, they companions emerged from the Road of Shadows and completed the final leg of their journey to Gloomwrought, City of Midnight!

To Be Continued…


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