The Darkness Between

Chapter 15: Escape from Gloomwrought

Wherein; our intrepid heroes find that a sea voyage is in their best interests...

A well-timed kick from Trins sent the portcullis crashing down, blocking the entry to the library just as the evil Blackguard, Sithas Tyrr moved forward to attack! A well-timed kick from the dwarf, Kordun, sent the tiefling lieutenant, Lareth the Deceiver, to his knees…damaged, but not dead.

With a few moments gained, the party raced through the only other way out of the library and found themselves in a chamber containing a teleportation circle.

Taking only few moments to grab documents from the chambers of Lareth, the party lept into the circle and activated it…

They found themselves in the basement of an herb shop located in the city. After battling through the contingent of Swarm Shamans, insect demons, and bugbears that guarded the shop, they raced through the city toward the wharf.

Securing the good merchant ship called Serenity and negotiating with it's captain, Malcolm Bly, they were soon out to sea and heading toward the island called Dread.

In the far distance, an airship could be seen moving in their direction…


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