A Dragonborn Warlord of Bahamut


Smegholtra is a dragonborn without a clan. Found as a mewling hatchling alone in the mud of a wilderness road by halfling traders from Fallcrest, Smeg lived many years not knowing what it meant to be a dragonborn. Even his name was chosen from a history text the halflings had in their vast inventory. Smegholtra was a great dragonborn warlord who live thousands of years prior in the Arkosian Empire…and the only dragonborn name in the book, so they really had no choice…

Recognizing their young ward needed guidance and direction, the merchant clan, Halfmoon by name, hired a wandering dragonborn weaponmaster, Vanlek Peaceblade. to not only teach the boy fighting skills, but what it is to truly be of the dragonborn!

Vanlek and Smeg trained for several years and grew close enough that the old weaponmaster bestowed his clan name upon the boy before declaring he could teach him no more and departed.

Smegholtra Peaceblade was ready to face The Natural World…

 Smeg has spent the past years traveling as bodyguard with the Halfmoons trading caravans all about the Nentir Vale . He has taken an interest in history and is rarely seen without a book in his hand during off-hours, plus he loves the taste of spiced roast chicken…



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