The Darkness Between

Chapter 11 : House of the Eye

Wherein; our brave adventurers trade secrets for secrets, while a companion walks away...

In the gloom of The Alley of Twisted Bones,  the party found an entrance to the House of the Eye. 

Greeted by a somber cultist of Vecna, they followed the priest past scenes of horror they had never imagined. Reigning in their instincts to bring this vile place to the ground, they found themselves before an elven crone who demanded their secrets for the secret they sought.

Once the party agreed, she tarot read their secrets of past, present, and future…even secrets they did not even know they possessed.

DM NOTE: I created a "tarot" deck of Vecna using images from Magic cards and the Magic Set Editor. Three cards for each PC told a cryptic secret that hinted at things to come… 

When all was said and done, they had a direction to go to find Carrigan. East into the swamps surrounding the city. Leave the city at sunrise the next day, the crone said…and they would find what they sought one day's walk into the Skins.

On the morrow, they found Teraldar the Eladrin Wizard gone. No signs of foul play. The innkeeper told them the mage had simply paid his tab and left with gear packed. Since the fey had always been somewhat mysterious, the party pressed on to rescue Azilis' brother.

DM NOTE: One of our player's is a die-hard football fan, so this time of year takes him away on Saturdays. Last year, his character had to "rest up from a battle" for quite a long time. This year, he mysteriously leaves, giving me a story hook for another adventure when football season is over!

As the sun topped the walls of Gloomwrought, the party trudged into the danger infested swamps ominously called "The Skins" and made their way east.

To Be Continued… 


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