Welcome to The Darkness Between  (formerly Champions of Old Nerath)!

When we began this campaign, I had planned on just through the 4E H-series, P-Series, and E-series modules as an adventure path.

But then the cleric rolled a 1 while escaping the pull of the Shadowrift in "H1 : Keep on the Shadowfell"...and all bets were off. Now we're just making it up as we go along…

I've recently changed the name of the campaign since Champions does not exactly embody the philosophies of the party…and, at the moment, they are no longer in Old Nerath.

Any constructive comments or criticism are very welcome. I need both to run a fun game and become a better DM.

So join the Companions in their adventures…from ancient empires to shadowed realities…from Points of Light to…The Darkness Between!

Chapter 1 : Keep on the Shadowfell

Chapter 2 : Through the Glass Darkly

Chapter 3 : The Temple of Orcus


Chapter 4 : The Dark Path

Chapter 5 : The Captain

Chapter 6 : The Curse of Dark Haven

Chapter 7 : The Screaming Tower

Chapter 8 : The Road of Shadows

Chapter 9: The City of Midnight

Chapter 10 : Puppets

Chapter 11 : House of the Eye

Chapter 12 : Into the Skins

Chapter 13: Moathouse of the Mad Tiefling

Chapter 14: The Library of Madness

Chapter 15: Escape from Gloomwrought

Chapter 16: The Teeth of the Wyrm

The Darkness Between

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